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Connect to Database on Server: localhost

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SQL Query
SET @@sql_mode = ''

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Datastore Setup
SQL Query
FROM datastore
WHERE title IN ('smiliecache','bbcodecache','options','bitfields','attachmentcache','forumcache','usergroupcache','stylecache','languagecache','products','pluginlist','cron','profilefield','loadcache','noticecache')
1SIMPLEdatastorerangePRIMARYPRIMARY50 15Using index condition

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SQL Query
FROM datastore
WHERE title IN ('dbtech_ajaxthreads_usergroup')
1SIMPLE       Impossible WHERE noticed after reading const tables

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Session Handling
SQL Query
FROM session
WHERE userid = 0
	AND host = ''
	AND idhash = '836970122c1a4d5c1c0a4bf472b7ad84'
1SIMPLEsessionrefuser_activity,guest_lookupguest_lookup51const,const,const2Using where

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SQL Query
SELECT languageid,
			phrasegroup_global AS phrasegroup_global,
			phrasegroup_wol AS phrasegroup_wol,
			phrasegroup_user AS phrasegroup_user,
			phrasegroup_messaging AS phrasegroup_messaging,
			phrasegroup_cprofilefield AS phrasegroup_cprofilefield,
			phrasegroup_infractionlevel AS phrasegroup_infractionlevel,
			phrasegroup_posting AS phrasegroup_posting,
			phrasegroup_profilefield AS phrasegroup_profilefield,
			phrasegroupinfo AS lang_phrasegroupinfo,
			options AS lang_options,
			languagecode AS lang_code,
			charset AS lang_charset,
			locale AS lang_locale,
			imagesoverride AS lang_imagesoverride,
			dateoverride AS lang_dateoverride,
			timeoverride AS lang_timeoverride,
			registereddateoverride AS lang_registereddateoverride,
			calformat1override AS lang_calformat1override,
			calformat2override AS lang_calformat2override,
			logdateoverride AS lang_logdateoverride,
			decimalsep AS lang_decimalsep,
			thousandsep AS lang_thousandsep
FROM language
WHERE languageid = 2

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SQL Query
SELECT userip
FROM vsavilxh_guests AS vsavilxh_guests
WHERE userip = ''
1SIMPLEvsavilxh_guestsALL    1231Using where

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SQL Query
UPDATE vsavilxh_guests
SET dateline = '1582658991'
WHERE userip = ''

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SQL Query
DELETE FROM vsavilxh_guests WHERE dateline < '1582572591'

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SQL Query
FROM style
WHERE (styleid = 12 AND userselect = 1)
	OR styleid = 12
ORDER BY styleid ASC

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End call of global.php: 0.028542995452881
SQL Query
FROM datastore
WHERE title IN ('routes')

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SQL Query
	userfield.*, usertextfield.*, user.*, UNIX_TIMESTAMP(passworddate) AS passworddate, user.languageid AS saved_languageid,
	IF(displaygroupid=0, user.usergroupid, displaygroupid) AS displaygroupid, avatar.avatarpath, NOT ISNULL(customavatar.userid) AS hascustomavatar, customavatar.dateline AS avatardateline, customavatar.width AS avwidth, customavatar.height AS avheight, customavatar.height_thumb AS avheight_thumb, customavatar.width_thumb AS avwidth_thumb, customavatar.filedata_thumb, customprofilepic.userid AS profilepic, customprofilepic.dateline AS profilepicdateline, customprofilepic.width AS ppwidth, customprofilepic.height AS ppheight, sigpic.userid AS sigpic, sigpic.dateline AS sigpicdateline, sigpic.width AS sigpicwidth, sigpic.height AS sigpicheight, usercsscache.cachedcss, IF(usercsscache.cachedcss IS NULL, 0, 1) AS hascachedcss, usercsscache.buildpermissions AS cssbuildpermissions
FROM user AS user
LEFT JOIN userfield AS userfield ON (user.userid = userfield.userid)
LEFT JOIN usertextfield AS usertextfield ON (usertextfield.userid = user.userid) LEFT JOIN avatar AS avatar ON (avatar.avatarid = user.avatarid) LEFT JOIN customavatar AS customavatar ON (customavatar.userid = user.userid) LEFT JOIN customprofilepic AS customprofilepic ON (user.userid = customprofilepic.userid) LEFT JOIN sigpic AS sigpic ON (user.userid = sigpic.userid) LEFT JOIN usercsscache AS usercsscache ON (user.userid = usercsscache.userid)

WHERE user.userid = 1072
1SIMPLEavatarsystemPRIMARY   0Const row not found
1SIMPLEusercsscachesystemPRIMARY   0Const row not found
1SIMPLEcustomavatarconstPRIMARYPRIMARY4const0Unique row not found
1SIMPLEcustomprofilepicconstPRIMARYPRIMARY4const0Unique row not found
1SIMPLEsigpicconstPRIMARYPRIMARY4const0Unique row not found

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SQL Query
SELECT title, template
FROM template
WHERE templateid IN (1179,1206,1169,1170,1172,1178,1177,1070,1072,1074,2212,1078,0,1125,1124,1127,1128,1131,1132,1371,1542,1548,1183,1181,1184,1185,1186,1187,1188,1189,1190,1191,1192,1196,1194,1195,1193,1205,1207,1208,1217,1199,1210,1211,1212,1213,1215,1180,1204,1209,1218,1214,1220,1219,1216,1295,2233,2231,2234,2235,0,0,79,73,72,2344,2347,2101,75,80,81,82,1337,1634,2221,2222,1286,1287,1650,0,0,1613,1615,1307,1308,1310,1311,1534,1577,1576,1626,1578,1137,1136,1140,2249,1937,1931,1932,1129,1130,2226,2330)
1SIMPLEtemplaterangePRIMARYPRIMARY4 99Using index condition

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SQL Query
SELECT * FROM molding ORDER BY molding.order ASC
1SIMPLEmoldingALL    11Using filesort

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SQL Query
SELECT MAX(dateline) AS lastpost, COUNT(*) AS total
FROM usernote AS usernote
WHERE userid = 1072

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SQL Query
SELECT blockid, requirement
FROM profileblockprivacy
WHERE userid = 1072

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SQL Query
SELECT pf.profilefieldcategoryid, pfc.location, pf.*
FROM profilefield AS pf
LEFT JOIN profilefieldcategory AS pfc ON(pfc.profilefieldcategoryid = pf.profilefieldcategoryid)
WHERE pf.form = 0 
		AND pf.hidden = 0
ORDER BY pfc.displayorder, pf.displayorder
1SIMPLEpfcsystemPRIMARY   0Const row not found
1SIMPLEpfALL    7Using where; Using filesort

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SQL Query
FROM user
WHERE referrerid = 1072
	AND usergroupid NOT IN (3,4)
1SIMPLEuserrefusergroupid,referreridreferrerid4const80Using where

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SQL Query
SELECT * FROM customprofile WHERE userid='-1'
/**customprofile- member**/

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SQL Query
SELECT * FROM customprofile WHERE userid='-1'
/**customprofile- member**/

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SQL Query
UPDATE session
SET lastactivity = 1582658991, location = 'member.php?u=1072', badlocation = 0
WHERE sessionhash = 'f87c528d0845a56b53e85e3ce548d10b'

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